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Aleido (formerly part of Semcon) has an internationally leading position within aftermarket information, Learning and System & Tools, with almost 1,000 employees in Sweden, China, Hungary, the UK, and Germany. We have worked with Product Information and aftermarket solutions >40 years, operating in different industries, such as telecom, ICT , automotive, machinery and equipment. Product Information is a core competence for us, we continuously invest in people, systems, new competences, and processes to provide best practice to our customers.

Our services cover the entire information development cycle, from information assessment, analysis, and strategy, via information design, development, and creation, to information distribution and evaluation. Furthermore, we offer IT & Software solutions to support, including content development system (CMS), management and digital distribution.

Together we bridge the gap between technology and the people who depend on it – by making the advanced simply understood.

EKR Orchestra, developed by EKR srl, is a leading Knowledge Management platform that combines together and can be used as a CCMS, PIM, DMS, DAM, LMS and Available Shared Knowledge Portal.Its strengths are: enhancing the enterprise processes to produce better static and dynamic documentation, accelerating the time-to-market of new products, and expanding the touch points with customers.

Remarkable features include Extreme Flexibility for both Static and Dynamic documents creation, ERP (SAP) native integration, PLM and PDM integration, superb translation management with Terminology glossary and Inner Context, WordPress, InDesign and Illustrator integration and REST API.

EKR Orchestra is widely used in Europe, mostly by manufacturing companies, in these industries: HVACR, Machinery, Medical Devices, Components, Home and Industrial automation, Automotive.

With more than 70 enterprises among active users, the platform has received high praise from its clients.


memoQ is a leading collaborative translation environment and TMS delivering premium solutions to the translation industry since 2004. memoQ is dedicated to providing innovation through diverse developments that empower hundreds of thousands of enterprises, translation companies, and freelance translators worldwide.Keeping in mind both simplicity and effective translation processes, memoQ leverages its ease of use, collaboration, and interoperability in one complex solution.

Discover a new world with memoQ!

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YiCAT, self-developed by Tmxmall, is a leading cloud-based translation management platform. It has dedicated to providing effective and cost-reducing computer-aided translation, translation project management, and continuous localization solutions. Remarkable features include online collaboration, language asset management, MTPE, AI-powered translation quality assurance, CMS connectors and REST API. To make it more competitive, it has closely followed industry trends and recently launched a set of new features powered by generative AI and large language models.

With a proven track record of serving thousands of enterprises across a range of industries, such as intelligent manufacturing, the Internet, medical technology and finance, the platform has garnered wide acclaim from its clients.


Shanghai Dingge Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Dingge Industrial Software) was established in 2013 and is a specialized enterprise in domestic industrial intelligent manufacturing and smart service solutions, with its headquarters located in the core area of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Pudong New District, Shanghai.Dingge Industrial Software is dedicated to the integration of China’s industrial automation and intelligence, focusing on providing tools, system software products, and solutions required for product design, production, and service to manufacturing enterprises. After years of accumulation, Dingge Industrial Software has developed three major platforms: Enterprise Content Management Platform (ECM), Equipment Automation Platform (EAP), and Semiconductor Equipment Communication and Automation Platform (SEPlat). These three platforms have been built from the bottom up and have established a relatively complete industrial software product system and solutions for intelligent manufacturing in various fields such as automotive, new energy, aviation, and semiconductor.


RWS Holdings plc is a unique, world-leading provider of technology-enabled language, content and intellectual property services. Through content transformation and multilingual data analysis, our combination of AI-enabled technology and human expertise helps our clients to grow by ensuring they are understood anywhere, in any language.

Our purpose is unlocking global understanding. By combining cultural understanding, client understanding and technical understanding, our services and technology assist our clients to acquire and retain customers, deliver engaging user experiences, maintain compliance and gain actionable insights into their data and content.

Copyright © 2024 RWS Holdings plc. All rights reserved.

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Beijing Aifu Aite Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in developing digital technology information systems that enable automatic generation of SBOM from EBOM and MBOM. We produce manuals for fault diagnosis, operation, maintenance, and repair based on product platforms, providing OEMs, end users, and after-sales service personnel with customized, real-time updated electronic spare parts catalogs, fault diagnosis manuals, maintenance manuals, and other technical content.

Our products offer a powerful digital technical information platform for the aftermarket business of enterprises. Our main products include:TIS technical information system. It consists of technical texts, pictures, audio, video, animation, data, and other significant technical content for R&D, manufacturing, marketing, service, etc. These include scientific research documents, SBOM data, 3D model diagrams, product technical parameters, product usage information, fault diagnosis solutions, maintenance knowledge, and more. During the intelligent manufacturing process, these technical contents are combined with products to form intelligent products, creating an intelligent ecosystem for enterprises (such as R&D and after-sales integration as well as intelligent services).

XAP structured technical writing and content management system. It enables the efficient production of technical documents and automatic publishing in multiple languages and formats of the same source, such as HTML5, PDF, and other formats. It provides a complete solution for technical content creation, content management, automatic typesetting, translation, and multilingual publishing.

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TransPerfect’s GlobalLink CCMS solutions provide the world’s best digital foundations for helping companies deliver superior customer experiences with personalized content at scale. Procter & Gamble, Xylem, Merck, Kohler, Cray, GE Healthcare, Lexmark, Polycom, and many more Forbes Global 2000 organizations rely on the Astoria CCMS and Vasont CCMS to increase returns on their marketing investments by a factor of five or more, thereby anchoring digital transformations across global markets. GlobalLink CCMS solutions extend to web-based portals and to mobile-device apps, forming a content supply chain that includes authoring, content management, translation management, and rendering systems, fully integrated and delivered on public or private clouds. GlobalLink CCMS solutions have received numerous awards, including several appearances on the EContent 100 list of “best and brightest digital content companies.”

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Glodom Language Solutions Co., Ltd. (Glodom) is an innovative language technology solution provider that offers multilingual translation, interpretation, localization, desktop publishing, Multimedia services, machine translation, etc. It focuses on industries such as ICT, games, intellectual property rights, life sciences and finance & law.

Underpinned by more than 300 full-time employees and 5,000 plus linguists in more than 40 countries and region worldwide, Glodom offers high-quality, cost-effective language and technology solutions in more than 150 different languages. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Glodom has also set up branches in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Hefei, Chengdu and Cambridge.

Glodom ranks the 55th in the list of top 100 language service providers worldwide of 2023 published by CSA Research, and ranks the 10th among the top 30 LSPs in Asia-Pacific.

Glodom provides one-stop multilingual solutions for and has established long-term cooperation with many Fortune Global 500 companies and leading enterprises in various industries.



Founded in Shanghai in 2020, Manualsware provides digital solutions for product R&D and operation, helping companies build internationally competitive products and services.

Manualsware provide self-developed structured document system MxDoc, resell Oxygen XML Editor/Arbortext and provides technical services to assist the document team create better documents. The core team members have been working in well-known international companies, design and implement DITA based structured document systems for enterprises around the world. We have rich relevant experience and continue to participate in the research in related fields. Currently, we serve industries such as aviation, automotive, semiconductor, intelligent manufacturing and software.

For structure document tools, ask Manualsware.

Recognized as a National Language Service Export Base, a National High-Tech Enterprise, and a Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprise of Sichuan Province, Lan-bridge is committed to driving cooperation and exchanges across languages worldwide leveraging technology, and to providing comprehensive language services to support businesses’ global initiatives and localization efforts. We have introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) service platform as our flagship innovation, building on our vast collection of high-quality language resources in ten billion entries and a robust team of experts. This platform enables us to cater to diverse customer needs through a matrix of products.AI Technology Products: Empowered by our independently developed multimodal large language model for less commonly used languages, our AI technology products offer users AI translation in 203 languages and 56 fields, AI audio and video translation and dubbing, as well as AI simultaneous interpretation, assisting users in achieving rapid and efficient conversion of multimodal data from one language to another. Translation and Data Products: Our human-machine collaborative translation system and multilingual data management system aid businesses in achieving autonomous production and data processing.

Over the past 24 years in the language services industry, Lan-bridge has provided high-quality integrated multilingual solutions to tens of thousands of government agencies and businesses worldwide, drawing upon our professional team of language specialists and cutting-edge language technologies. Our services span across a wide range of industry sectors, including automobiles, rail vehicles, high-end equipment manufacturing, information and communications technology, energy, life sciences, and more.

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Ray Content Technology Co., Ltd.(Beijing) leverages AI to enhance content operations efficiency and reduce cost.

Established in Beijing in 2019, Ray Content Technology Co., Ltd.(Beijing) has offices in Beijing (R&D and sales) and Hangzhou, Zhejiang (engineering).

The company holds several independent software products, including “Smart Guides Platform”. Since 2020, the company has been a reseller for Antenna House PDF Formatter and SyncRO’s Oxygen product line, becoming a VAR (value-added reseller) for SyncRO in 2022. With a proven track record, Ray Content Technology excels in implementing DITA XML publishing and customizing Oxygen frameworks using the Oxygen product suite. The company has successfully completed localization and document engineering deliveries in industries such as Fabless IC, EDA software, cloud computing, and medical devices.

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